Evaluation in Action

Theory and Practice for Effective Evaluation

By Gillian Squirrell

Evaluation is a powerful tool. It can create considerable fear, be used to decide how to allocate scarce resources, be the forerunner of bad news, or just be a means to preserve the status quo. But evaluation is always about people. It can empower the disempowered, stimulate change, and support democratic innovation and creativity. These are the elements that are emphasized in this book. Evaluation in Action will be of benefit to individuals early in their experience of evaluation, taking them and others with more experience to advanced levels. It will help them consider: methodologies and theory * a range of different approaches to framing and undertaking evaluations and how to consider which is most appropriate * issues of power, politics, and values * the choices involved in conducting evaluations and the consequences of these choices * the learning that comes from evaluations to stimulate project and organizational changes. The book encourages readers to become involved, offering examples and stimulating reflection. It is written for new and experienced evaluators, anyone commissioning evaluations, and organizations wanting to develop an evaluation strategy.

152 pages

Publication Date: 2/29/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541768