Social Control and the Use of Power in Social Work with Children and Families

Edited by: Toyin Okitikpi

The role of a social worker has always been about balancing the necessity for care and control, yet practitioners are generally more comfortable with the care element of their profession rather than the control element. In this book, ten contributors explore the complex nature of power and its important function, both in social work in general and the childcare field in particular. The book: examines the extent of social work powers in working with children and families * explores the changing role of social workers, and childcare social work in particular * discusses the crisis of confidence about the role, duties, and responsibilities of working within the children and families sector * examines the increasing policy shift towards social control * looks at the tensions and contradictions inherent in the helping process * considers the role of social workers in the school environment, where exercising power and control is readily accepted by parents, but how that is done is crucial * discusses whether social workers are not only aware of their powers, but also know how they utilize their powers when working with 'at risk' cases * asks how the 'rule of optimism' can be redefined and still safeguard vulnerable children and young people * examines the ethics of exercising power in practice.

160 pages

Publication Date: 2/25/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541713