Radical Youth Work

Developing Critical Perspectives and Professional Judgement

By Brian Belton

Writing from a tradition of informed and radical dissent, author Brian Belton asks those working with young people to reassess their role and motivation and, on the basis of the radical traditions of youth work, critique the imposed forms of protection, welfare, management, and pretty much formalized instruction/advice giving. Radical Youth Work provides a foundation for youth workers to engage in positive critical analysis of the shift in government focus away from young people's personal and collective perspectives to national, functional, economic requirements. It offers ways of putting into perspective this move away from valuing young people's relatively unmediated potential to be a fresh and vibrant natural resource to reinvigorate society. It also gives direction for practitioners to consider how to use their professional judgement to alter perceptions and routines of services in ways that challenge traditions. The book encourages youth workers to constantly question their own actions and interventions in helping young people, to forsake ready-made ideas and products, and to reawaken their own imaginations, sense of wonder, and faith in dynamic possibilities.

124 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541577