Making Sure Children Get 'HELD'

Ideas and Resources to Help Workers Place Hope, Empathy, Love and Dignity at the Heart of Child Protection and Support

By Nicki Weld

This manual is based on the author's extensive experience in child protection and in work with families with children who are severely disabled. The book explains the social and emotional competencies of hope, empathy, love, and dignity - HELD. It includes ten practical strategies for workers to help parents, families, and communities bring each competency into action, showing how they help protect, support, and strengthen children's well-being and safety. The manual also includes resources to help explore these competencies in groups and families, as well as in one-on-one work with children or young people. Each can be used individually, or with other tools, frameworks, and interventions. Making Sure Children Get 'HELD' enables parents, family members, workers, and communities to become actively involved in reducing the likelihood of children being harmed. It will assist children and young people in developing resilient traits and healthy relationships on their journey to adulthood.

61 pages

Publication Date: 7/21/2009
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb
ISBN: 9781905541553