The Concerned Other

How to Change Problematic Drug and Alcohol Users through Their Family Members: A Complete Manual

By Phil Harris

...a mother is wracked with anxiety for her once loving son who is now transformed beyond recognition... - ...the silent father cannot articulate his fear or defeat for a lost daughter... - ...husbands and wives struggle to reconcile the destruction reaped upon them by the person they vowed to spend their life with.... * In this manual, author Phil Harris sees the 'concerned other' as the person most able to effect change in a substance abuser's life. Harris presents a thoroughly researched and carefully argued theoretical underpinning of his work, and offers practitioners a clear and comprehensive, intervention-based program to help the concerned other bring about the change that he or she most wants to see. The Concerned Other is for drug and alcohol workers, youth workers, criminal justice workers, social workers, housing officers, counselors, and families members. It provides a complete treatment manual for working with those affected by a family member's drug and alcohol use. It will help practitioners support the concerned other in effecting change in the user, and will increase the provision of high quality and effective services they can offer to those who suffer intolerably from those that they also love the most. The book explores the extensive research that demonstrates why and how families can effect change. It offers comprehensive assessment and outcomes tools and provides a complete worksheet-based program that will help the concerned other get their loved one into treatment, reduce the stress and pressure they are under, improve the quality of their own life, and support their loved one in treatment.

304 pages

Publication Date: 1/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541485