Instant Session Plans for Essential Life Skills: Learning and Development

By Robin Dynes

Experienced and inexperienced facilitators who need 'instant' or ready-made sessions on a wide range of life skill topics, can use this resource: to complement other material; for stand alone sessions; to provide a number of sessions chosen to meet particular needs. There are four sessions on each of the following topics: unlocking your potential; learning to learn; becoming self-motivated; self-coaching; emotional development; harnessing creativitiy; life management skills; understanding yourself; learning from experience; planning for your future Each session requires minimum preparation, lasts for one hour and contains: specific aims; session plans; clear step-by-step instructions for the facilitator with timings; homework assignments; photocopiable handout pages. In addition to these 40 sessions on learning and development, there are - in separately published manuals - 40 sessions on health and well-being, 40 sessions on self management, and 40 sessions on relationships. Purchasers of the manuals can subsequently obtain electronic copies of handouts. 'INSTANT SESSION PLANS for essential life skills' provides an invaluable resource for youth workers, therapists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, care staff, probation staff and teachers.

187 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2009
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb
ISBN: 9781905541416

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