Self Esteem: A Family Affair

A Proven Programme Based on Mutual Respect Designed for Local Community Initiatives

By Wendy Goddard

Tried and tested with many different parents, including those in life's most difficult circumstances, this easy-to-follow book will allow facilitators to partner with parents, grandparents, foster parents, parents-to-be, and childcare providers through a variety of exercises in order to become more aware of the various influences that play a part in the development of personal self-esteem in the adult, as well as provide an encouraging and caring environment for the development of children's self-esteem. With fully adaptable session plans, facilitator's notes, handouts, and exercises, this evaluated training course helps facilitators work in partnership with parents to break the cycle of discouragement for themselves and their children. For counselors, nurses, teachers, youth workers, social workers, and family and children's center staff, Self Esteem: A Family Affair is readily accessible for use by agencies with restricted time and budgets. Also available for free from the publisher is the course's photocopiable material in electronic format.

132 pages

Publication Date: 11/30/2008
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb
ISBN: 9781905541362