Young people in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

The past cannot be changed, but the future can be developed

Edited by: Dirk Schubotz, Paula Devine

Northern Ireland's young people are now coming of age with no memories of the "Troubles." They face all the same issues and opportunities as young people elsewhere. This critically important book reflects on a broad-based, holistic, and participative survey of 16-year-olds over the first decade of post-conflict Northern Ireland. The book contains messages that readers can draw out when considering other post-conflict, segregated, or troubled societies. It highlights young people's frustration toward those who seek to make a difference in society, yet who often approach the issue while holding stereotypical assumptions. It is also a reminder that making a difference in young people's lives requires a need to work across all parts of their lives, not just on the issues that most powerfully present themselves. Young People in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland examines issues such as violence, sectarianism, faith-segregated schools, cross-community contact, politics, the peace process, inward migration, mental health, suicide, bullying, pupil participation, sexual health, poverty, and class. It directs the reader toward these issues in a robust way and suggests the involvement of young people in shaping the process. Also included is the prize-winning essay by 16-year old Shaun Mulvenna titled Is Anybody Listening?

129 pages

Publication Date: 8/31/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541348