The Art of Social Work Practice

Edited by: Cathy Aymer, Toyin Okitikpi

The Art of Social Work Practice suggests that social work does not need to strip itself of subjectivity in order to appear credible by being 'objective' in its dealings with service users and other professions. The core principle of building and maintaining trusting professional relationships with service users is not incompatible with a (post-post-) modern, dynamic, effective profession, and should never be jettisoned for contractual encounters characterized by an arm's length approach. The Art of Social Work Practice explores the use of theory in social work and how theories enable practitioners to develop a deeper level of understanding of their practice. The book shows how potential dangers can be avoided by continually asking key questions about the worker and service users' relationship and the approach being adopted. It discusses preventative social work, assessment, communication, planning, decision making, user involvement, and working in partnership with other professionals. It will be of particular interest and benefit to practitioners, students, and academics who want to take a fresh look at familiar areas where social work has led the way and other professions have subsequently followed.

146 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541300