Not About Us Without Us

Client Involvement in Supported Housing

By Mike Seal

Edited by: Mike Seal

This invaluable book, using research in the UK, offers theoretical insight and practical help in developing client involvement in supported housing, campaigning for change and creating new services. The book emphasizes the importance of advocacy, commitment from senior management, and the need for agencies to be open to ideas about changing their structures. The first section considers rationales, policies, and lessons from other sectors. The second and third sections look at the barriers which are faced while structuring involvement and managing power relations between clients and workers. It offers detailed suggestions for developing non-prescriptive practice. Not About Us Without Us offers approaches that can significantly improve clients' quality of life, organizations' effectiveness, and tenant participation compacts for registered social landlords.

141 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541256