The Carrot or the Stick?

Towards Effective Practice with Involuntary Clients in Safeguarding Children Work

Edited by: Martin C. Calder

In child protection, family support, domestic violence, and youth justice, many practitioners and managers struggle to engage clients who resist involvement with services that are needed or offered, often with wearying and dispiriting effects on everyone. This book offers systematic, evidence-based approaches for working with children and young people, men and women, and fathers and mothers in all relevant circumstances. They are 'no-nonsense' approaches for the practitioner, and will fit ideally with the realities of working with a wide range of clients who actively seek help; who only accept services when legally mandated or institutionalized; or who show varying degrees of motivation at different times, towards different services, within their family or group. The Carrot or the Stick? includes: making and maintaining working relationships with clients --- concepts of consent and coercion --- frameworks for understanding and working with motivation, resistance, and change --- links with risk assessment, including risks to staff --- innovative ways of enhancing clients' motivation and helping them to change --- helping anyone in training to enter the workplace with a sense that they can succeed --- rekindling of confidence and enthusiasm among practitioners

320 pages

Publication Date: 7/10/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541225