Contemporary Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Children

Edited by: Martin C. Calder

Contributions by: Jo Thakker, Tony Ward, James Vess, Robert E. Longo, Roger Kennington, Nicki weld, Hazel Kemshall, Clay Graybeal, Jo Clarke, Phillip Heasman, Anne Hollows, Shelley C Konrad, Chris Beckett, Liz Davies, John Devaney, Roger Smith

This book is for anyone involved in the protection and safeguarding of children and young people. At all levels, risk and risk assessment are key concerns and preoccupations. Yet, across and within the various concerned professional groups, there is an inadequate knowledge base to inform practice. There is no official guidance, not even a shared agreement on what 'risk' means. The book's varied and illuminating perspectives help refine the exercise of professional judgement in estimating and managing uncertainties prospectively, rather than being judged retrospectively. It will direct professional progress towards risk assessments that are evidence-based, comprehensive, and equitable; risk management strategies with levels of intrusion commensurate to levels of risk; and greater shared understanding of terminology. Contemporary Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Children also examines dilemmas in daily decision-making, considering how lack of guidance leads to inconsistency and how differences in approach cause tension and confusion. It examines emerging dilemmas around rights, protection, and responsibilities; and offers some contemporary risk assessment frameworks.

290 pages

Publication Date: 3/3/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541201