Solution-Focused Approaches

By Steve Myers

Solution-focused brief therapy uses a range of techniques underpinned by theoretical assumptions about people and what is helpful in promoting change. This is done through empowering them to take appropriate responsibility for their lives. This introductory book is for people who wish to learn more about the theory and practice. As solution-focused work developed in therapeutic contexts, many examples are drawn from encounters between counselors in various settings and people who come to them by various routes. But importantly, the book also includes examples that show how solution-focused approaches can be used by social, care, community, and justice workers going about their work in statutory and voluntary agencies with the different demands that these make. The book outlines the theoretical influences on solution-focused approaches and contrasts them with more traditional approaches. It allows the reader to think about what informs their current practice and how a solution-focused approach may be different, giving ideas for developing practice in a reflective way. It outlines the practice principles and techniques involved in solution-focused work, using an interview structure that provides a logical flow of ideas. Additionally, the book outlines some outcome studies and evidence for effectiveness of solution-focused approaches, with a further section on useful websites and further reading.

108 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541188