The Child and Family in Context

Developing Ecological Practice in Disadvantaged Communities

By Owen Gill, Gordon Jack

For those concerned with the welfare of children, young people, and families in the community, this book's evidence and UK case studies, drawn from lives in disadvantaged communities, illustrate ways of delivering good innovative practice. Drawing on the authors' wide experiences, the book focuses on the whole child, recognizing the links between different parts of children's and young people's lives, and the importance of working creatively with these connections. Such practice developments are especially timely in the UK in the context of Every Child Matters, Integrated Children's Centres, and Extended Schools. In evolving policy contexts, the authors draw out lessons that can inform practice everywhere including: working jointly with families and communities to safeguard children and young people and promote their well-being * working with communities to increase support for parents and produce better outcomes for everyone * the implications of this approach for all agencies and practitioners that impact children and young people, not just those with direct responsibility * differing contexts, ranging from a rural town to an inner-city refugee community * hearing the voices of the children, young people, and the parents living in these communities * addressing differences in age, gender, race, dual heritage, refugee status, and disabilities.

176 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541157

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