The Annual Licensing Court

The Essential 21st Century Guide

By Constance Cassidy, Tim Bracken

This is a great little book, written by the leading expert in the field .... It's easy to read, written in layman's language and tells us all how to renew and transfer alcohol and entertainment licenses. No publican should be without it. --Charles Chawke, Publican *** The Annual Licensing Court: The Essential 21st Century Guide is a concise guide on the rules, regulations, and procedures in relation to the granting and renewal of liquor licensing at the annual licensing court. This book presents, explains, and consolidates the relevant applications, orders, form, and rules. If you're in the drinks business, you need this really useful new guide on the annual renewal of drinks licences. Your questions are answered in a direct and straightforward way by leading experts, Constance Cassidy and Tim Bracken. This guide is an everyman's explanation of the regulatory requirements which apply to the renewal and transfer of alcohol and entertainment licences. The guide is a must for owners and managers in the drinks industry, including: publicans; hoteliers; restaurateurs; supermarkets; off licences; night clubs; theatres; and clubs. This guide is not just for those in the drinks industry, lawyers, the Garda?, Revenue, but is also aimed at the general public, for the person who needs to know how and when they can apply for or object to the renewal or transfer of a licence. If you are an owner or operator in the drinks industry, this is your essential guide. (Series: The Essential 21st Century Guide, Vol. 1) [Subject: Irish Law, Alcohol Licensing]

Publication Date: 7/28/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905536993