Trade Marks Law

Second Edition

By Glen Gibbons

This second edition of Trade Marks Law provides a comprehensive examination of the law in Ireland, including analysis of all significant Superior Court and Patents Office jurisprudence. Principal case law from the UK, the Court of Justice, and the General Court are also included. The book is fully updated and includes: a new chapter on practice and procedure * a specific chapter dealing with defenses to trade mark infringement and passing off * an analysis of proposed reforms under the revised Harmonization Directive and Regulation * an expanded chapter on passing off, with analysis of recent Irish case law concerning extended passing off, personality rights, and the geographical extent of goodwill * comprehensive analysis of Patents Office decisions under the Trade Marks Act 1996 * recent developments in comparative advertising. [Subject: Irish Law, Trade Mark Law, Commercial Law]

Publication Date: 1/28/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781905536801