Succession Law in Ireland

By Albert Keating

This book provides practical insight on succession law in Ireland. Succession law is the branch of law which provides the rules for the creation of succession rights to property by wills - in the form of devises, legacies, and bequests - and the rules relating to the distribution of estates in cases of intestacy. The book includes a body of useful precedents on wills, probate, and Irish Succession Act precedents. Contents Includes: Succession Rights * The Execution of Wills * Testamentary Capacity * The Revocation and Revival of Wills * Testamentary Gifts and Trusts * The Ademption, Lapse, and Modification of Gifts * Intestate Succession * The Legal Right of Spouses and Civil Partners / Applications by Qualified Cohabitants * The Moral Duty of Testators * The Cessation of Succession and Legal Rights * Donationes Mortis Causa, Joint Bank Accounts, and Advancements * Equitable Property Rights * Applications for Grants of Probate * Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed * Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration Intestate * Applications for Grants by Guardians, Committees, and Attorneys * Applications for De Bonis Non Grants * Caveats and Citations * The Administration and Distribution of Estates * Probate Motions and Section 27(4) Applications * Probate and Administration Actions and Costs * The Construction of Wills * The Limitation of Actions and Striking Out of Proceedings * Wills Precedents * Probate Precedents * Succession Act Precedents. [Subject: Irish Law, Succession Law, Property Law, Estate Law, Trust Law]

Publication Date: 6/12/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781905536726