Criminal Law and Practice Review

Volume 1, 2014

Edited by: Ivana Bacik, David Prendergast

The Criminal Law & Practice Review (formerly Criminal Law & Procedure Review) is a new book from Clarus Press in collaboration with the School of Law at Trinity College, Dublin. Originally based on the Criminal Law Update Conference held annually at Trinity College, the Review includes article versions of the papers presented at the conference, along with new articles and notes on recent developments in substantive and procedural criminal law in Ireland. The book will be of great interest to all criminal lawyers - including practitioners, academics, and students - as well as those interested in criminology, victimology, policing, evidence, and other related criminal law topics. Contents include: ** (Feature Articles) The Proposed Court of Appeal * Victims of Crime with Disabilities in Ireland * Sentencing White-Collar Crime Problems and Principles * Improperly Obtained Evidence, Silence, and Legal Advice: Ongoing Change in Seemingly Settled Situations? * Ireland's Proposed DNA Framework * Addressing Uncertainty in the Defenses of Self-Defense, Diminished Responsibility, and Provocation * Legislative Developments in Criminal Law and Procedure ** (Case and Commentary) Vague Offenses and the High Court * The Statutory Retention of Fingerprints.

Publication Date: 6/25/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905536672