Law and Practice

By Neville Cox, Eoin McCullough

Defamation: Law and Practice provides an in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of defamation law in Ireland, including coverage of substantive and procedural law. The enactment of Ireland's Defamation Act 2009 has overhauled and repealed the 1961 Act and has created a new tort of defamation, abolishing the distinction between libel and slander. New statutory defenses have been created and new amendments to procedures have been introduced. Remedies and damages have been overhauled as the landscape for defamation enters into a new era. The ability to defame has also increased astronomically, with the advent of social networking and individuals having the ability to publish the thoughts and ideas from their mobile phone, tablets, and home computers. The book contains analysis of the elements of the tort of defamation, defenses to a defamation action, damages and other reliefs, the application of human rights law in the context of defamation, the application of practice and procedure rules in defamation cases, and a body of useful precedents. It is a definitive work on defamation law in Ireland, and it will be utilized by leading legal professionals working within this practice area, as well as lawyers from other jurisdictions researching defamation law for comparative and authoritative reasons.

1000 pages

Publication Date: 6/3/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781905536641