Social Networking

Law, Rights and Policy

Edited by: Paul Lambert

This book examines one of the greatest social and legal concerns of the modern age: social networking and the internet. The growing law and issues of, and created by, social networking and related websites involve real and diverse concerns. The concerns face the website operators, users, parents, schools, universities, employers, organisations, outsource organisations, the police, lawyers, courts, rights organisations and policymakers.Social networking is wonderful, yet staggering - in a short space of time, user populations greater than the populations of nation states have joined social networks. One social networking website reports to have amassed over 1 billion regular users. Yet, the legal issues (and others) involved with social networking and related websites are getting as many media headlines as the technologies themselves. Some of these are similar to established legal issues, however, with increasing frequency, the issues are entirely new. In addition, the scale of the issues are at a level unprecedented in collective memory. If that was not enough, the pace of the legal issues which must be considered and, more importantly, the pace and urgency with which they must be dealt with, add significant temporal pressures. This timely and appropriate book outlines the new law and issues relating to social networking. It offers a strong international comparative element and examines various legal jurisdictions. The growing law and issues of, and created by, social networking and related websites involve real and diverse concerns for policy. To victims, lawyers, parents, society, and policy makers, social networking in its various forms can be considered one of the most pressing legal issue today, with more issues and concerns than occur in any other field of contemporary law. Table of Contents include: Internet and Technology * Privacy and Data Protection * Social Networking Policies * Advertising and Marketing * Beacon Settlement * Europe against Facebook * Facebook Audit * Laws 'Re-Phormed'? * Data Breaches * Tagging * Evidential Issues * Cloud Computing * Employees * Educational Institutions * Tracking the Trackers * Personal Relations * Social Networking after Death * Profiles in Purgatory * A Critical Approach to the Right to Be Forgotten * Children and Social Networking * Social Networking and Internet Access * Peer to Peer and Privacy * Social Networking and Sports * Social Networking and the Courts * Privacy by Design * Data Protection Audits * The Future.

500 pages

Publication Date: 4/7/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905536559