The Practitioner's Personal Insolvency Handbook

By Tim Bracken

The Practitioners Personal Insolvency Handbook is designed specifically for Irish legal practitioners, providing an overview of debt collection and procedure in relation to personal insolvent clients. The book contains an outline of the various debt collection procedures in Ireland's courts where the procedure is quite distinct, depending whether one is in the District, Circuit, or High Court. Separate chapters deal with the particular procedures in each court. This book explains how to enforce a judgment once obtained, how to register it as a judgment mortgage, and how to ultimately obtain an Order for Sale of a premises over which a judgment mortgage has been registered. The book also examines mortgage suit proceedings, whether the basis of the mortgage is a legal charge, an equitable mortgage, or a judgment mortgage. Additionally, the book looks at how to attach debts by garnishee order or the appointment of a Receiver by way of equitable execution and explains the procedure up to the point of petitioning the High Court to have a person adjudicated a bankrupt. Finally, there is a discussion on Mareva Injunctions. The Practitioners Personal Insolvency Handbook contains an explanation of the steps required to obtain the individual orders and also contains various precedents of proceedings and necessary forms.

220 pages

Publication Date: 2/13/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905536528