Human Rights, Constitutionalism and the Judiciary

Tanzanian and Irish Perspectives

Edited by: William Binchy, Catherine Finnegan

This unique work examines themes of human rights, constitutionalism, and the role of the judiciary from an Irish and Tanzanian perspective. Several of Ireland's greatest legal minds have come together with their colleagues in Tanzania to produce this book, which examines a range of issues, including: constitutional rights * women and the law * gender and the law * minority rights * property rights * judicial review * procedure, electoral law * Tribunals of inquiry * environmental protection * media freedom * freedom of expression * judicial independence * judicial activism * the right to a fair trial. The editor notes that "it is fascinating to see how global values impact on national legal systems and how, so often, judges in Tanzania and Ireland, with different constitutional structures, have crafted similar solutions."

350 pages

Publication Date: 6/6/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905536047