Just a Moment

Titshall Photographs of Working Lives

By David Kindred, Roger Smith

Farm scenes include horsemen with their teams at plough, carting roots, drilling corn or returning from a day's labour. Town scenes show horsemen working as carriers and deliverymen. At the period when these photographs were taken the internal combustion engine was making a strong impact. Here we see motorbikes and their owners, buses, charabancs and a wide range of commercial freight and motorised vans. The pictures also include sections of general work such as the Ipswich docks, road-building and the railways. A final section shows cottagers at their doors, reflecting the rural poverty of the time and clothing that in some cases harks back to the Victorian age. The Titshall brothers were jobbing photographers based in Ipswich. They went out by motorbike to the surrounding countryside to secure these photographs, charging their clients a few pence. The original glass plates, which survived by good fortune, are now part of the Kindred archive.

Publication Date: 10/26/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905523696