Collective Redress in Europe - Why and How?

Edited by: Eva Lein, Duncan Fairgrieve, Marta Otero Crespo, Vincent Smith

The European Commission's Recommendation on Collective Redress (2013/396/EU) establishes a framework to ensure a coherent horizontal approach to collective litigation in the EU context without harmonizing national systems. The Commission clearly aims at distinguishing collective redress in Europe from the North American class action approach. This book explores the need for mass litigation mechanisms in Europe from a series of interdisciplinary perspectives (law and economics, behavioral sciences, and sociological/judicial perspectives). It also analyzes the current collective redress landscape in Europe in light of the Commission Recommendation. This includes: an assessment of national collective redress mechanisms * views from oversees on the present and future of collective litigation in Europe * commentary on various specific areas of collective redress (competition law, product liability, and consumer protection) * the options for and relevance of collective ADR mechanisms. The book is a useful tool for practitioners and academics with an interest in collective redress in Europe and overseas. [Subject: European Law, Consumer Law, Law and Economics, Collective Redress, Class Action, Competition Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution]

Publication Date: 3/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905221561