Contemporary Challenges for the International Criminal Court

Edited by: Andraz Zidar, Olympia Bekou

This incisive and important collection of contributions from well-established experts takes the [discussion on the International Criminal Court] to newer and higher levels. The contemporary challenges are set out and underscored and explained. This is a collection of views and opinions that needs to be read by practitioners, academics and judges alike. It will be an essential tool in the debates that these challenges will generate and provides vital material for consensus and understanding. -- From the Foreword by Judge Howard Morrison *** The International Criminal Court (ICC) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. The initial decade was marked, not only by the ICC issuing its first judgment, in the Lubanga case, but also by numerous challenges which it has had to resolve. This book brings together a number of perceptive insights into the functioning of the ICC at the intersection between international criminal law theory and the practice developed by the ICC. Subjects covered in the book include the definition of crimes under the Rome Statute, the issue of complementarity between the ICC and domestic courts, the trigger mechanisms of the ICC, the role and rights of victims, and prospects for the future work of the ICC. The book's contributors are leading specialists in the field of international criminal justice, and include scholars, legal practitioners, NGO experts, and ICC officials. It will be an important asset for all readers interested in contemporary developments under the legal regime of the Rome Statute. [Subject: International Law, Criminal Law]

Publication Date: 4/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905221516

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