Markets and Comparative Law

By Guido Alpa

Now available in English language text, this thought-provoking collection of essays by Guido Alpa brings his cosmopolitan approach to current issues in European, private, and commercial law. Covering a broad and diverse range of topics, Alpa provides unique insights on the themes of harmonization, the relationship of the world's legal systems, and the influence of comparative law in the evolution of legal forms. Table of Contents: In Partibus Angliae: Images of the 'Common Law' in the Italian Legal Culture * The Meaning of 'Person' and the Role of Lawyers * Personal Dignity and Fundamental Rights * Why Do Many Italians Live with Their Parents? A Critique of Doing Business 2008 * Comparative Law as the Comparison of Cases in the Harmonization Process of European Law: Protecting the Investors * Commercial Contracts and Services: Regulations and Moral Suasion * A Glance at Unfair Terms in Italy and England * European Private Law: Statutory Bases and Actions Plans 1 * Harmonization of and Codification in European Contract Law * Party Autonomy and Freedom of Contract Today * ADR and Mediation: Experience from Italy

271 pages

Publication Date: 12/3/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905221462