VAT and Property

By Ann L Humphrey

This book offers clear and practical guidance on the application of UK Value Added Tax (VAT) to UK property transactions, providing assistance to individuals, property businesses, and professionals. It covers guidance on VAT and property issues such as: Introduction to VAT Concepts (terminology, legislation, definitions) * Land Transactions * Residential Property (new building projects, extension and refurbishment, renovations and alterations, conversions, facilities for the disabled, transactions between landlord and tenant, DIY house builders, caravans and houseboats, listed / protected buildings) * Housing Associations * Commercial Property (construction industry, the election to waive exemption, supplies not affected, making an election, revoking an election, input tax claims, avoidance rules, premiums, surrenders and inducements, specialist services, transfer of a business as a going concern) * Anti-Avoidance Legislation * Guarantees * Partial Exemption * Input Tax Recovery * The Capital Items Scheme. [Subject: Value Added Tax, Property Law]

256 pages

Publication Date: 2/22/2015
Format: Paper & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781904905608

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