Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

Volume VII, 1941-1945

Edited by: Michael Kennedy, Catriona Crowe, Ronan Fanning, Dermot Keogh, Eunan O'Halpin

This volume contains 625 original documents, many never seen before, from the archives of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, covering the key concerns of Second World War Irish foreign policy. The book shows that, far from Ireland being isolated from the war, the Irish diplomatic service had an up-to-date understanding of the conflict. Documents on Irish Foreign Policy VII (1941-45) provides new insights into the secret diplomacy underpinning Ireland's wartime neutrality. It covers the 'Top Secret Second World War' liaison between the Irish and US/British intelligence services. It also illustrates the co-operation between the Department of External Affairs and the Defense Forces in the maintenance of Ireland's neutrality. The book includes previously unpublished confidential telegrams and reports from Irish diplomats in wartime Berlin, Vichy, Rome, Ottawa, London, and Washington. It provides an original documentary account of Irish attempts to save Jews from Nazi concentration camps, as well as previously unseen documents on Irish attitudes to the post-war rebuilding of Europe and the development of the United Nations. Additionally, it contains new information on Irish attitudes towards the origins of the Cold War and the Communist threat to Europe.

720 pages

Publication Date: 11/15/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781904890638

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