Excavations at Knowth Volume 5

The Archaeology of Knowth in the First and Second Millennia AD

By George Eogan

This fifth volume in the ongoing Excavations at Knowth series presents archaeological evidence for the history of Knowth, spanning the period from the Iron Age to the modern era. The book explores in detail the archaeological features of the Knowth site - located in the valley of the River Boyne in Ireland - including: ** late Iron Age burials, their associated grave goods, and other isolated finds of Iron Age date ** the enclosure constructed during the 5th to 8th centuries and the burials of that period, the Knowth secondary burials of the proto-historic and historic periods, and an analysis of the double-ditched enclosure ** the open settlement of the 10th/11th centuries, the houses and souterrains constructed on the site during that time period, the ditch stratification, the economy of the open settlement, and the finds and other features uncovered during the excavation ** the Anglo-Norman occupation of Knowth, particularly the enclosed courtyard farm and possible church associated with late 12th- to 16th-century settlement at the site ** the features dating from the 17th century to the modern period ** a discussion chapter that explores Knowth in the Bronze Age, the beginning of Christianity, the emergence of Brega as a region of political power and influence, the context of the Iron Age burials at Knowth, and a comparative analysis of the Knowth assemblage and objects from Viking Dublin. A huge array of finds from the excavation are presented in the book and on an accompanying CD in the form of specialist contributions. A series of appendices deal with such topics as the metal content of a selection of the Roman, Viking, and Early Christian artifacts from Knowth; a strontium and oxygen isotope analysis of some of the burials; a petrological analysis of the medieval pottery; and some preliminary results for an environmental history of the Brugh na Boinne area. (Series: Excavations at Knowth - Vol. 5) *** "...the book details the various objects found, ranging from musical instruments to horseshoes and Viking-Age tweezers. It offers a stunning amount of data about the daily life of this area over a wide period of time. For those interested in the archaeological heritage of Ireland, this volume will be a valuable resource." Medievalists.net, January 8, 2013.

960 pages

Publication Date: 8/2/2012
Format: Cloth & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781904890621