Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 18


By W.H. Crawford, Catherine McCullough, William Crawford

As part of the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series, No. 18 records the topographical development of the city of Armagh. Historical maps and old views are presented in color on over a dozen large-format sheets. Additional thematic maps and illustrations highlight particular aspects of the city's history. The accompanying text has been expertly compiled by authors Catherine McCullough and W.H. Crawford. Included is an essay on Armagh and over 1,000 entries containing historical references to features of the city's topography. Together, the maps and text trace Armagh's growth from its origins as an early Christian ecclesiastical center, to its development in the 17th century as a county town, and emerging in the 19th century as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland with a fine array of stylish public buildings.

45 pages

Publication Date: 12/7/2007
Format: Pack
ISBN: 9781904890188