New Survey of Clare Island

Volume 4: The Abbey

Edited by: Conleth Manning, Paul Gosling, John Waddell

Paperback; 168pp; 294x210mm; published 2005. CONTENTS Committee members and fieldworkers iv Acknowledgements v Notes on contributors vi Introduction Conleth Manning 1 THE ABBEY, GRAVEYARD AND ASSOCIATED MONUMENTS History, survey and analysis of the building Conleth Manning 7 The Abbey and its associated archaeological remains Paul Gosling 29 The gravestone inscriptions of Clare Island up to 1901 Ian Cantwell and Paul Gosling 35 The " M?ille memorial plaque and its heraldic achievement Fergus Gillespie and Miche?l " Com?in 41 THE WALL PAINTINGS Introduction to the wall paintings Karena Morton and Christoph Oldenbourg 47 Conservation of the wall paintings Christoph Oldenbourg 49 Catalogue of the wall paintings Karena Morton 61 Icongraphy and dating of the wall paintings Karena Morton 97 The musical instruments depicted at Clare Island Ann Buckley 123 THE ABBEY AND ITS CONTEXT The Abbey in its later Gothic context Roger Stalley 135 Bibliography 151 Index

168 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781904890058