Livestock and Wealth Creation

Improving the Husbandry of Animals Kept by Resource-poor People in Developing Countries

Edited by: E. Owen, A. Kitalyi, N. Jayasuriya, T. Smith

This unique textbook is the product of a south/north, east/west collaboration, involving 105 contributors from 26 countries. It will be invaluable to all concerned with livestock keeping and poverty alleviation in developing countries, especially lecturers, students, NGOs, policy makers and those working with resource-poor livestock-keepers. Livestock and Wealth Creation is about the role of livestock in developing countries and portrays how improved husbandry practices can benefit livestock-keepers. It emphasises ways of improving small-scale enterprises and subsistence livestock keeping. The burgeoning 'Livestock Revolution', which is already occurring in some developing countries and foreseen to become a wider phenomenon over the next 20 years, is considered. A gigantic increase in demand for meat and milk is predicted, with consequent opportunities for resourcepoor livestock-keepers to contribute and move from subsistence to market-oriented production. The information in this textbook is relevant to smallholder livestock keepers in all developing countries. Livestock and Wealth Creation is an output from the Livestock Production Programme (LPP) of the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for the benefit of developing countries. The views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID.

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781904761327

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