Feed into Milk

A new applied feeding system for dairy cows

Edited by: C. Thomas

Strategic research in ruminant nutrition has greatly improved our understanding of the processes involved in the conversion of feed to milk. However, the lack of an up to date framework to incorporate this knowledge into support systems has meant that much of the technology has not been transferred into practice in a way that can aid the sustainability of milk production systems. This manual explains the background and principles involved in deriving the FiM system and provides the rationale and the equations for the prediction of intake and the calculation of the requirements and supply of energy and protein. In addition the manual recognizes that an applied feeding system is only part of the process of diet formulation and provides a series of decision support systems (DSS) to assist in building rations for dairy cows. The accompanying CD explains the principles of diet formulation and provides examples on the use of the DSS. The complete set of equations is listed in software format and this together with an extensive feed database enables the user to begin formulating diets with almost immediate effect.

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781904761266