Empathy for the Devil

How to Help People Overcome Drugs and Alcohol Problems

By Phil Harris

Examining the core skills necessary for effecting change in problematic substance users, this important new book explores practical ways of establishing or improving social practice. It steps beyond clinical, theoretical, and moral undertones to the reality of working with substance misuse. Empathy for the Devil provides positive and reflective support for both experienced and novice workers - or those affected by others' use. It suggests ways ahead for social workers stuck in seemingly perennial impasses, as they strive with their colleagues to address multi-faceted and entrenched problems. Increasingly, social policy now demands evidence-based practice, putting ever greater pressure on professionals from all disciplines to grasp the core ideas and skills drawn from research findings. But this research is often too arid and abstract, and can make the lay person feel even more under-skilled. Empathy for the Devil bridges this chasm, bringing together a wide range of proven skills in supporting people through change in an open and accessible way. It illuminates the key ideas, skills, and techniques in addiction work. Additionally, it lucidly explains the latest findings in effective practice, illustrating them with case examples, and provides optional self-reflective exercises and activities to aid learning and training. For everyone working with people whose lives are affected by drugs or alcohol, Empathy for the Devil provides new ideas and perspectives to address old and intractable problems.

230 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903855546