The Student Voice

An Introduction to Developing the Singing Voice

By Colin Baldy

With a successful career as a singing teacher for more than a quarter of a century, author Colin Baldy has been frustrated by the lack of suitable reading materials aimed specifically at the student of the singing voice. Therefore, he has provided a useful resource with The Student Voice. Primarily designed for undergraduate and graduate level students, the book will also benefit mature singers, teachers, and those already in the singing profession who simply want to keep their technique and knowledge alive. The Student Voice includes some physiology, with suggested exercises and methods for developing the correct use of the student's physical instrument. It suggests a suitable repertoire to run alongside the exercises and contains a large amount of trouble-shooting advice. The author's intention is to encourage singing students and to assist them in avoiding common pitfalls. The book will also help singers identify vocal problems which they may already have developed.

156 pages

Publication Date: 7/15/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903765951