Fossils Alive!

New Walks in an Old Field

By Nigel H. Trewin

Imagine being a time-traveller, traveling back millions of years in time to join wildlife safaris and visit ancient environments teeming with life. In Fossils Alive!, experience the fauna, flora, and landscapes of ten localities in the geological past of Scotland. You will catch fish in a Devonian lake 380 million years ago in Caithness; escape a great tsunami at Helmsdale following a Jurassic earthquake; and then explore the Carboniferous forests, rivers, and volcanoes of Edinburgh. On the Isle of Skye, you wander a Jurassic shoreline and see a dinosaur dine. From a submersible, you observe the nuptial dance of ammonites. Pick your way around ancient hot-spring pools and geysers in Aberdeenshire and admire some of the first plants and animals to inhabit the land. The ten areas visited represent some of the most famous fossiliferous locations in Scotland. The safaris are presented as stories, but they are firmly based on published scientific evidence relating to the fossils and rocks of Scotland. These imaginative stories are accompanied by pictures of fossils and of the places as they are seen today, along with the author's careful reconstructive drawings of these ancient environments. This book will not only inform the general adult reader about the ancient environments of Scotland, but also entertain and encourage further speculation.

211 pages

Publication Date: 5/22/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781903765883