Tackling Gender Inequality

Raising Pupil Achievement (Policy & Practice in Education series No. 20)

Edited by: Christine Forde

In the Scottish education system, there are clear issues in relation to the educational achievement of boys and girls. Gender in education is a complex concept and its significance in educational achievement remains a deeply debated area. This book examines developing Scottish policy and strategies in schools that aim to tackle gender inequality. Has the system gone too far in working to improve girls' achievement? Are boys now falling behind and becoming disengaged from education? Some girls have progressed more in educational attainment than boys. However, there remain specific groups of girls, as well as specific groups of boys, who are not achieving in school. How can policy avoid simplistic solutions that reinforce stereotypical ideas of gender? The level of literacy of boys or the self-confidence of girls should be addressed in ways that are genuinely inclusive. The book will appeal to those who grapple with these issues wherever they arise.

94 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903765746