Hidden Carers

By Joyce Cavaye

Providing support services for carers (caregivers) has long been a key social policy objective. Such support through service intervention has been found to reduce carers' stress levels, improve the quality of their lives, and prevent the breakdown of care. Recently, developing support services for carers has gained increased impetus as a result of concern over the costs of long term care and the Scottish Parliament's commitment to carers' involvement in the design and delivery of services. Many carers do not receive support services even though care giving is known to be stressful. These 'hidden' or unsupported carers are invisible to providers of health and social care services. This volume focuses on the lives and experiences of hidden carers. It considers the complex relationship between carers and service providers from the carers' perspective. It asks why some carers provide high levels of care without support from service providers and what factors may lead to their acceptance of support. In common with other titles in this series, Hidden Carers presents a variety of perspectives and approaches with which to consider the key issues. It is written at a level that will stimulate those wrestling with these themes from a professional perspective as well as providing essential reading for those studying health and social policy.

84 pages

Publication Date: 11/2/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903765661