Exclusions in Feminist Thought

Challenging the Boundaries of Womanhood

By Mary F. Brewer

Edited by: Mary Brewer

This powerful collection contains the work of a variety of specialist and activist contributors, whose experience and ideas link together to create a broad picture of how gender differences have an impact on the lives of diverse groups of feminist-identified women. The essays challenge conventional notions about differences of race, class and sexuality among women, bringing critical insights from the fields of anthropology, cultural and ethnic studies, history, sociology, and literary studies. Examined in this collection are many aspects of exclusion in feminist thought, including women's use of masculinist theory, the processes of tokenism and erasure prevalent in educational institutions, and the status of women in erotic discourse. This anthology takes women one step more along the necessary path to formulating progressive models and vocabularies for gender as a site of difference, and makes an excellent contribution to the contemporary debate among women surrounding the issue of exclusion in feminist thought.

272 pages

Publication Date: 9/30/2002
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781902210636