The Finger of God

How God's Existence Impacts upon Humanity

By Vincent John Delany

The Finger of God describes how God's existence impacts humanity. All people are affected by an unfolding Divine Plan governing their individual destiny, and that of Planet Earth. This Divine Plan's outworking and inevitable fulfillment is discussed from a biblical perspective, with special reference to contrasting actions and narratives of good and evil. Prime themes are the issue of separation between man and God, occasioned by disobedience; divine overtures, often overlooked; and the potential for reconciliation. The context for this discussion is the issue of Christian religiosity - how it is viewed and practiced not only by the Christian world at large, but also by its formal practitioners and religious leaders. The constant reality of a spiritually-present dynamic kingdom is contrasted with the contradictory discordant voices of visible churches. A fundamental thread throughout the work is the necessity to promote doing the right thing - what the Bible refers to as righteousness toward our fellow human beings, and especially to God - rather than to follow mere religious precepts. Transformation is brought about by recognizing that the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus lies at the heart of salvation and immortality. A reasoned guide is presented as to ongoing and future conflicts between light and darkness, and under what circumstances a righteous divine victory will emerge whereby God's intentions are successfully implemented in a new, perfect environment for the eternal benefit of humankind.

188 pages

Publication Date: 3/4/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781898595540