Color for the Real World

A Complete Color Course - Workbook - CD (Instructor Edition)

By Alice Chu, Jen Nemeth

Globalization and cultural diversity demand universally understood principles of color and design. This book explicates color theory in a visual language, applicable to all design disciplines. Color for the Real World is an all-in-one textbook containing a lab manual and an eResouce for students of design, including fashion design, interior design, communication design, textile design, product design, and illustration. The book has been classroom tested and developed through surveys and feedback to provide a total learning environment. This dynamic resource interacts with rich digital modules. The modules are a timely and contemporary way to elucidate the content and create an engaging learning environment. Color for the Real World, which contains numerous exercises/projects and an extensive color bibliography of key works, is available as a student edition, as well as an instructor edition. ** The Instructor Edition: The instructor edition includes a DVD comprised of four elements: a 15 week lesson plan, a comprehensive list of studio materials, seven digital student modules in PDF format, and eight digital teaching modules in PDF and Flash formats. The instructor DVD provides a digital teaching module for each chapter of the textbook, formatted as a series of digital presentations. In comparison to the student CD-ROM, the DVD is much more comprehensive and contains one additional module containing samples of student exercises and projects. The lectures can be delivered using the presentations on the DVD. There are 1,091 frames including 872 visual images. The comprehensive series of images, which illustrate each chapter of the book, are current and global in context. ** A unique aspect of Color for the Real World is the digital media developed to coordinate with the text. The digital format of the modules creates a unique, timely, and up-to-date way of assembling content and establishing an interactive learning environment. The digital resource is the centerpiece of the book, a compilation of original and current images. The compilation consists primarily of "real-world" and "real time" photographs, with some classical global samples from Eastern and Western cultures. By the time the student completes this book and its laboratory exercises, he/she will have developed an understanding of color theory and will have learned to appreciate color through practical experimentation. The advanced and more intense color projects develop both an understanding of specific problems in color design communication and an ability to use color as a communication tool.

186 pages

Publication Date: 9/30/2010
Format: Pack & DVD & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781897160459