Globalization and Post-Apartheid South Africa

By Richard Harris

Edited by: Pat L. Lauderdale, Abebe Zegeye, Richard Harris

This volume examines the progress made toward greater equality in South Africa in spite of the conflicting demands made by global capital and the population of South Africa on a weakened state structure. Investigating such issues as African identities in the cultural and historical context of globalization, growth and redistribution in South Africa, the social reintegration of demobilized military personnel, policing in the post-apartheid era, the poverty-environment relationship, and reproductive dynamics and gender-based violence, this engaging volume provides interdisciplinary scholars and students with varied perspectives on the effects of globalization in post-apartheid South Africa. Each chapter offers original research and theory.

183 pages

Publication Date: 5/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781897160015

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