Droving down the Cooper

A Saddlemaker's Yarns

By Col Hood

'Let's go bush!' These laconic words were to spark the beginning of a journey for two adventurous city kids under the spell of Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson and his tales of horses and men in the Australian outback. In the same fashion, Droving Down the Cooper: A Saddlemaker's Yarns unfolds with discovery, Australian bush wisdom, and the individual characters who filled the life of author Col Hood, including the horse traders, the blacksmiths, the master leatherworkers, and, above all, the horses. In his introduction to the book, Col - a well known Western saddlemaker whose prized saddles have been sold all over the world - invites the reader to 'ride stirrup to stirrup' with him while he fondly shares his stories. These adventures take place at a time when Australia was very much in transition, growing truly urban. It is a period that also pretty well marks the end of a distinct chapter of the postwar world. So,... 'Let's go bush!'

160 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781877058950