Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering

Volume 3: 1967-1977

By John Dunn

This third volume of the history of Australia's Commonwealth Engineering (Comeng) picks up where the second volume left off. Contents include: * design and construction of the Indian Pacific trains, coinciding with the first standard gauge passenger train services from Sydney to Perth * takeover of a rival firm, which allowed Comeng to enter the lucrative and very successful business of building Alco-powered, diesel-electric locomotives for the iron ore mines in Australia's northwest * development of the interurban double-deck trains, which were the first such double-deck, air conditioned, electric multiple units in the world * a new factory that specializes in the construction of freight rolling stock * the Union Carriage & Wagon plant, which grew at an unprecedented rate, turning out multiple types of passenger trains, freight wagons, electric and diesel-electric locomotives, as well as the world-famous luxury express, The Blue Train * production of a large numbers of aluminum wagons to service the expanding coal mines in Queensland * design and construction of the 150 kph Prospector railcars, Australia's fastest train in those days * production of a new generation of tramcars for the Melbourne system * design and supply of specialized track maintenance machines for use by all the Australian railway systems * continued manufacturing of buses and other road transport vehicles * curtain walling for the high rise buildings around Australia * earth moving and mining machines, industrial ovens and fans, and other similar equipment.

352 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781877058905