Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering

Volume 2: 1955 - 1966

By John Dunn

The history of the Australian company Commonwealth Engineering (Comeng) spans some 70 years. Its story is a window into Australia's industrial and manufacturing development from the end of World War I to the early 1990s. The sheer range of products produced by this one company was truly extraordinary including automobiles, trams, trains, ships, portable and fixed cranes, earth-moving equipment, bridges, oil refinery equipment, fiberglass components, mining equipment, scientific instruments, and much more. This second volume of Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering takes up where the first volume ended in 1955. It traces the company's activities through to 1966, detailing the unprecedented expansion that took place during that period. In 1955, Comeng entered into a license agreement with the Budd Company of Philadelphia to manufacture stainless-steel rolling stock to Budd's patented shot-welding method. This gave Comeng a lead in passenger-car design that no other Australian company could match, establishing a benchmark for modern rolling stock in Australia. As with the first volume, much of the story has been told from the personal accounts of those who worked at any one of Comeng's five plants. Their memories and anecdotes bring a rich tapestry to this work. This is very much their story.

336 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781877058738