Crustal Structures and Mineral Deposits

E.S.T. O'Driscoll's Contribution to Mineral Exploration

Edited by: J.A. Bourne, C.R. Twidale

Contributions by: Arvi Parbo

Tim O'Driscoll became well known in Australia, as well as internationally, for his experimental work on rock deformation; his meticulous plotting of lineaments, associated fracture patterns, and ring structures; and his application of both lines of research to the practical problems of locating mineral deposits. His work led to significant advances in Australia's Broken Hill and Kambalda mineral fields, but he will be remembered particularly as a member of the distinguished Western Mining Corporation team that discovered and planned the early development of the world-class Olympic Dam ore body in Australia. His work has inspired many colleagues in the industry to apply, extend, and refine his findings. O'Driscoll had intended to present his life's work in book form, but this wish was overtaken by events. Instead, he helped plan this volume, which includes and is built around, what are regarded as his benchmark papers. They are interspersed with invited essays authored by friends and colleagues which offer background and perspective to his own seminal contributions. This memorial volume is a timely reminder not only of the significance of Tim O'Driscoll's varied contributions to mineral exploration, but also of his warm and generous friendship.

208 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781877058578