A Country Garden

Creating a Garden in Rural Australia

By Fiona Ogilvie

Gardening is about discovering which plants grow best in a given environment, and creating the setting which combines them in an attractive way. Author Fiona Ogilvie writes about her search for the best plants for gardening in Australia's New South Wales Central Table lands, with its long dry summers and regular droughts. Under these types of conditions, she has been developing her own garden, beginning in 1988. This book also shares the importance of her life's longing to grow things and create something beautiful, and how it has enabled her, as a city person, to adapt to life in the bush. A Country Garden is for those who enjoy reading about the story of a garden, its successes and failures, problem solving, and unexpected delights. It will be of interest to readers who live in a sunny climate with dry summers and regular droughts, growing gardens on acid soil with limited rainfall, and who may have little or no gardening experience. It will also interest those who enjoy discovering new exotic plants.

128 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781877058530