India Seen from the East

Indian and Indigenous Cults in Champa (Second Revised Edition)

By Paul Mus

Paul Mus (1902-1969) - a historian of religion in India and ancient Southeast Asia - has had a profound influence on generations of scholars. India Seen from the East draws upon his fieldwork among the Cham people of Vietnam: remnants of a society that had once boasted a flourishing Indian-style culture, but came to be known only through ruins, religious sculptures, and fractured folk memories. The contents of this book were first published in 1933 in a French academic journal ('L'Inde vue de l'Est. Cultes indiens et indigenes au Champa', Bulletin de l'ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient, XXXIII, no 1:367-410). This revised edition (the original English translation was published in 1975 and based on the Mus's lectures) is perhaps the most influential of Mus's publications. It vividly justifies his conviction that - in the eyes of the Chams - 'folk' and 'Indian' were one and the same. This edition includes a new introduction and supplemental material: a comprehensive bibliography of the works of Paul Mus and illustrations not published since the original in 1933.

105 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781876924751