The Sexual Abuse of Children

Recognition and Redress

Edited by: Yorick Smaal, Andy Kaladelfos, Mark Finnane

How can we seek justice and redress for the sexual abuse of children and better prevent the occurrence of such abuse?~This work brings together the thoughts on this question advanced by leading scholars, from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, from around the world. These thinkers - some also professional practitioners - provide new perspectives on sanctioned and informal responses to abuse in religious, educational and total institutions, as well as to abuse carried out in non-institutional settings. The Sexual Abuse of Children will be a valuable resource for researchers, students and those who deal with related issues in professional contexts. About the editors: Yorick Smaal is a historian and ARC DECRA Research Fellow at Griffith University. His areas of research focus on sex and gender, war and society, and law and criminal justice. Andy Kaladelfos is a historian and Research Fellow with the ARC Laureate Fellowship Project 'Prosecution and the Criminal Trial in Australian History' at Griffith University. Andy's research examines gender, violence and the law. Mark Finnane is ARC Laureate Fellow and Professor of History at Griffith University. His research in Australia and Ireland has focussed on the history of mental hospitals, prisons, punishment, policing and the criminal law. (Series: Monash Studies in Australian Society) [Subject: Human Rights Law, Criminology, Psychology]

Publication Date: 8/15/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781876924171

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