Globalization, Culture and Inequality in Asia

Edited by: Timothy J. Scrase, Todd Joseph Miles Holden, Scott Baum

Contemplating globalization from a sociological perspective, it is without doubt that a major site for social, political, economic and cultural change in the new millennium lies in the Asian region. The chapters in this book seek to describe and analyze a number of key aspects of social and cultural change wrought by globalization in the Asian region. The underlying theme in the book is the multi-dimensional way in which globalization - in the form of ideas, practices and technology - have introduced social inequalities in specific contexts. In particular, the book examines how inequality has been reproduced, challenged and theorized in Asia by the advent of globalizing culture. Written by experienced and established scholars, the study provides both theoretical explanation, and discussion and analysis of empirical data, from a range of social, cultural and political-economic perspectives and draws on studies from several countries in the region.

370 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2003
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781876843885

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